Outstanding early career achievement award

The early career award is granted no more than 9 years after the person has completed his or her main research training. The award should reflect the person's productivity as well as promise in making scientific contributions to psychotherapy research.

To make a nomination, the nominator prepares three sets of the supporting documents and sends (via email) one set to each member of the Awards Committee.

The documents are:
(a) the nominee's curriculum vitae;
(b) a personal statement from the nominee that summarizes his/her program of research;
(c) copies of four representative publications (the nominee should be the first author on some of these publications);
(d) at least three letters of recommendation (one from the nominator) attesting to the quality, significance, and promise of the nominee's work.

The three recommenders should represent more than one institution. All of the materials, except for the publications, must be in English. If the publications are not in English, please include an abstract of each in English

The deadline for the submission of nominations is DECEMBER 15, 2014.

Award Committee
Jeanne Watson, Chair (Jeanne.watson@utoronto.ca)
Hadas Wiseman, (hadasw@edu.haifa.ac.il)
George Silberschatz (george.silberschatz@ucsf.edu)

Please email your nominations by DECEMBER 15, 2015 to each member of the Award Committe.

The deadline for the submission of nominations is DECEMBER 15, 2015.