The Scientific Program Committee

Meet our committee members

Shelley McMain (Chair) (Toronto, Canada)
Tali Boritz (Toronto, Canada)
Louis Catonguay (USA)
Martin grosse Holtforth (Bern, Switzerland)
Juan Martín Gomez Penedo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Felicitas Rost (United Kingdom)
Andres J. Roussos (Argentina)
Sigal Zilcha-Mano (Israel)

The Local Organizing Committee

Meet our committee members

Stephanie Bauer (Heidelberg, Germany)
Ulrike Dinger (Heidelberg, Germany)
Johannes Ehrenthal (Heidelberg, Germany)
Corina Aguilar Raab (Heidelberg, Germany)
Henning Schauenburg (Heidelberg, Germany)
Svenja Taubner (Heidelberg, Germany)
Jana Volkert (Heidelberg, Germany)


Technical Support