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enjoy your SPR conference in Amsterdam

Conference banquet

The Rode Hoed

The conference banquet will be held at the Rode Hoed (meaning: Red Hat), a seventeenth century building at one of the famous grachten (canals) of Amsterdam. The name of the building originates from the fact that originally a milliner (hat maker) was located at this location. From 1692 on it has been used as a clandestine church, and is the largest and oldest in its kind. In 1957 it was converted to an event location.

The banquet will be held in the Oosterhuiszaal, which is the church area. It has beautiful authentic elements, like the original pulpit and the restored organ. The vaulted ceilings account for outstanding acoustics. The semi-seated banquet will be served on long tables at the balconies at the first and second floor, with standing tables on the ground floor. Some seats will be available on the ground floor for people with mobility issues. The party will take place at the ground floor, where there is lots of place for dancing and socializing. There is a separate bar that can be used for more quiet conversations during the party.

Tickets are $75 per person and seats are limited to 400 people.