Getting There & Around

Fyling in Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

By air
Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is the principal airport with travel connections to every continent. There are a number of ways to reach the airport including public transportation, car, taxi and shuttles. From Schiphol it is approximately 20 minutes with the train to Amsterdam Central Station and 20 minutes to the VU.

Other options are to fly to Rotterdam The Hague Airport or Eindhoven Airport both of which are between 1,5-2hours by train from Amsterdam airport and offer affordable charter flights throughout Europe. International alternatives are Brussels Airport in Belgium and Düsseldorf Airport in Germany, both of which are approximately 3 hours by train from Amsterdam. Take into account that international train tickets can be expensive.

Up to 15% discount on your flight

If you are flying through Amsterdam, we have a special offer from KLM/Air France, the Dutch Royal Airlines, to book your ticket with a discount up to 15%. For American travellers it is relevant to know that Delta Airlines is an official KLM/Air France partner airline.

In order to get the discount, please follow the instructions below:

Visit and enter the promotional code 3251AF. The travel period for which the discount is valid is June 22 to July 5 2018. Only flights with Amsterdam as end destination are eligible for this discount.

You can also get direct access to the booking website through the following link:

Frequent flyer/loyalty programs of Air France and KLM partner airlines are credited with miles when Air France or KLM flights are used.

Booking through a travel agent
If you are booking through a travel agency, please ask them to fill out this form, and have them stamp it with their agency stamp.

Travel from and to the airport

By train
Find out more about how to get around (from and to the airport) on the Getting out and around page of Schiphol Airport.

The best way to get from the airport to downtown Amsterdam is by train. A train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station takes about 20 minutes. For the conference venue, it is better to take the train to Amsterdam Zuid (south), which also takes about 10 minutes. Trains go frequently.


Don’t forget to check in your train ticket at the yellow check-in portals before you enter the platform. Check out on your destination.

By taxi or airport shuttles
If you are planning to use a taxi, be mindful that taxis in the Netherlands are relatively expensive compared to some other counties. A taxi ride from Schiphol to the conference venue should be between 30-40 euros. Only use taxi’s that are directly in front of the airport when you walk out, or pre-booked shuttle services, as there are many illegal taxi services that try to lure you directly from the Arrivals area.

Traveling in Amsterdam

Public Transportation

If you want to use public transport in the Netherlands, you need an OV-chip card. You can buy one at the airport (and also use it for train travel) or at most train and metro stations, as well as visitor centres. Alternatively, you can purchase a disposable multi-day card at the metro stations. More information on the OV chip card can be found here.

Additional information is also available on the public transport in Amsterdam page.

Taxi’s cars can be recognized by their blue license plates. If they are available the taxi light on the roof should be lighted. The main taxi company in Amsterdam is Taxi Centrale Amsterdam. You can book them online, or call them at 020 – 7777 777

Visitor Centres

For information on Amsterdam, visit the Amsterdam Tourism website: I Amsterdam.

There are visitors centre located at Schiphol Airport (Arrivals 2) and opposite to Amsterdam Central station.