Social Events

enjoy your SPR conference in Toronto

Saturday Banquet Reception

Gardiner Museum Toronto

The Saturday night banquet will be held at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto in the third floor Terrace Room with stunning views of the city. A beautiful neo-modernist building, sitting across from the University of Toronto and the Royal Ontario Museum, houses exquisite ceramic pottery and porcelain from around the world. The museum was co-founded by George R. Gardiner and his wife Helen in 1984. Initially when George Gardiner began collecting ceramics in 1976, he was interested only in decorating his home. But as his passion for pottery and porcelain grew along with his collection, a permanent site was necessary to adequately curate his collection. Today, the museum's collection consists of more than 4,000 pieces, encompassing everything from Japanese sake pots and Italian Renaissance maiolica plates, to Canadian contemporary ceramic sculptures. Objects from the core collection share space in the museum with special exhibitions. The museum supplements its showings with lectures, special workshops, and clay classes for children and adults.